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Journey to Center

finding a home in your body


Brenna Lowery
Licensed Massage Therapist
Lic# MA60896577
Discovery Point School of Massage 2018

Reiki Master
Attuned by Daisy Thompson | Northwest Healing Studio

Core Energetics Practitioner
(Certification Candidate)
Seattle School of Body Psychotherapy 2021

I was first introduced to the physical benefits of massage while growing up in Texas. Though I sought out solutions for chronic back pain and headaches, it wasn’t until a decade later that I was ready to experience bodywork at an all-encompassing level.


For a long time, I've been driven by a passion to meet others from all walks of life. In my past profession teaching ESL, I worked with immigrants and refugees, children, adults, and business executives in diverse atmospheres throughout the United States, Peru, Vietnam, and Russia. During my travels, I began exploring bodywork not only for pain, but also as a way to get in touch with myself and settle into my body. What I actually found through bodywork was a greater tenderness, space, and capacity for healing within myself.

After a seven year career in the educational realm, my work trajectory finally greeted my personal healing process in Seattle, and I dove with gusto into the massage world. I graduated from Discovery Point School of Massage in 2018 and have since been expanding my knowledge specifically around treatment for migraines, headaches, and TMJ dysfunction, as well as treatment for neck, shoulder, and back issues.

Encountering so many stories in massage related to emotions and guarding in the body, I sought to expand my knowledge in somatic and trauma-informed work. Throughout my three year training in Core Energetics, I discovered profound connections between the body, spirit, and mind. I was able to see the patterns I had been creating for defense and survival, not only in my mentality and beliefs about the world, but in my physical holding patterns as well. As healing goes, it's a spiral I continue to discover in realization of my own aliveness, but I guarantee the way I feel in the world on a day to day basis after this training is astronomically different. In the deep work that Core Energetics provides, my hope is to share it with others so that they, too, can feel more alive. I graduated from the Seattle School of Body Psychotherapy in May 2021 and am currently training towards certification as a Core Energetics practitioner.


I want to acknowledge and appreciate each person's process of healing, with all of its ups and downs. Today, I am inspired and humbled by holding space for those living with pain, trauma, and mental health issues to find home and expansion in their bodies again.  



Undulations Bodywork

is located at

7326 15th Ave NW

Seattle, WA 98117

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